Hi, I’m Andrés Lozano

I draw for myself and illustrate for others

Indistinct Chatter

Self published

A collection of sketchbook doodles; ink, pencil and marker drawings and acrilyc paintings made in the UK, Spain, Morocco and Japan between 2017 and 2019

174 pp. 176x250 cm perfect bound. Laser printed on 160 gsm natural paper.

First edition is sold out

Life on Earth:
Human Body, Farm, Dinosaurs, Jungle, Ocean and Space

Published by Wide Eyed Books 2017/2018

Non-fiction series for children aged 5+. Each book answers 100 questions in a simple and informative way, and has more than 70 lift-flaps to open.

Texts by Heather Alexander
Board book
16 Pages
ISBN: 9781847809001

Human World

Published by Wide Eyed Books 2018

Illustrated history of civilization and world culture.

Texts by Amanda Wood and Mike Jolley
112 pages
ISBN: 9781847809001